Sunday, February 28, 2010

ok so im going to rate another wii game

ok so i got this cool game for christmas, played it, and now i am going to rate it.the game
ok so i think that this game is an amazing game but it kind of gets boring sometimes.

im going to rate a song for the first time

ok so i am going to rate this new song by kesha (ke- sha not key-sha) it is called blah

ok so i love this song and i think that anyone that listens to it will to it is easy to listen to and is a really fun song!

ok so im now going to be rating these two products

ok so i am going to rate these two productsthe conditioner
the shampoo

ok so both of these products are not the best they do not remove tangles and my hair still smells like it did before i just have to say that they are not very good

Saturday, February 27, 2010

toy story mania wii game rating

ok so i think that i should rate toy story mania the wii game now.

this game is.... ok it is kind of boring though if you like the ride than i request this for you. i just think its no fun.

want me to rate your ideas?

if you want to you can comment on only this post for things that you want rated. now these are only going to be held once a week and you can only comment on these sorts of posts. so if you have a suggestion go ahead and comment

first rating post

ok so this is my first rating post and i am going to rate the first book in the diary of a whimpy kid series.

i personally think that this book is great but at sometimes the text is a little off and it gets a little boring.


the signs

when i rate something you will see these stars they mean, no yellow stars means that it is not good at all.
one yellow star is ok
two yellow stars is good
three yellow stars is great
four yellow stars is amazing
five yellow stars is the greatest ive ever seen.

if you have any questions about the stars or anything else just comment and i will answer.


first post

welcome to rate this my name is mackenzie and on this blog i will be rating movies, music,books, etc. i hope you enjoy!